I Made a Decision

The day I left my job, it was like the flood gates opened.  But perhaps I should rewind.

My name is Katie.  This is me:


Reader.  Writer.  Singer.  Wine drinker.  Really good cook (I think…I hope).  Sufferer of wanderlust.  Lover of all things life.  I like yoga pants, pasta, sunny days, and cats.  I don’t like waking up early, or that food has calories.

I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life.  I grew up in coal country, went to college in Roanoke, married a man from Hampton Roads, and moved to Northern Virginia in my mid-twenties.  I’m now a resident of beautiful Loudoun County, home to wineries, horses, barbecue joints, and a host of interesting, kind people who, like me, don’t really care for the hustle and traffic of the city.

After several years working in Human Resources – an excellent career path for people made of stronger stuff than I – I made the craziest decision I think I’ve ever made (decisions made under the influence of love or alcohol don’t really count, I think), and I left my full-time job to work on a novel I’ve been trying to write for longer than I care to admit.

The day I said goodbye to my wonderful coworkers and pulled out of the parking garage in Arlington for the last time, I felt terror.  The kind of terror that comes with major life choices.  What the h*ll did I just do?  Am I going to regret this in a month?  Will this decision have reverberating consequences for several generations to come in my family?  Okay, that last one is probably just me being weird, but I think others can sympathize with the anxiety around this decision, and the fear and doubt once reality set in and I realized I’d have no guaranteed income.

But, driving home, the last time I would have to commute an hour and a half one way, I started to feel relief, and then excitement.  This decision was mine.  I owned it.  And it meant freedom.  Freedom and time to write my novel, time to travel and see the world, time to sit down and play chess with my husband, and make dinner at night and do laundry on a regular basis and walk the dog.  And maybe even start a blog and look into freelancing again, something I really enjoyed right out of college.  When I started to move past the anxiety, I realized I was moving towards inspiration.  And it felt so good to be inspired and excited.  I started to write more, and to sing more, and to cook more, and to get out and explore the beautiful area where I live.

So, here I am.  I’ve made a plan to explore, meet people, eat food, taste wine, read books, and generally just enjoy my life in what I consider the best state in the country (don’t argue!).  I’m on my way to writing my novel.  And I’ve created this blog, so that my family and friends can share my journey into author-land.


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