A Thought for Thirty

Thirty.  It is official.  I am thirty.  I’ve been officially thirty since 6:01 this evening.


Happy birthday to me!  I am older, but not wiser, I think, and that’s okay.  I’ve done some reflecting, though, on these first three decades of my life, and I do have one kernel of wisdom to share.  It’s just this:

Embrace the fear.

Do what scares you.

Don’t let being afraid stop you from being amazing.

Jump off the cliff, and build your wings on the way down.

Okay, I’ve got to thank Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut for that last one, but it’s a good sentiment.

Life moves fast.  A day becomes a week becomes a year becomes ten.  Don’t spend any of that precious time allowing fear to hold you back.  It’s harder to do than to dream, but it’s better to regret than to wish.  You’ll always be afraid of something – for me, it’s airplanes (and heights, and elevators, and snakes, and ladybugs, and failure, and many, many other things, too) – but fear should never, ever dictate your actions.

If you’re afraid, then be afraid, but act anyway.  Take what scares you, and let it motivate you.  Let it light a fire in you to overcome it, to best it, to kick its ass.  Be frightened and fabulous.  You are not a deer in the headlights.

Embrace the fear.

Once more, with feeling.


Embrace it, and build your life around all the little moments you could have stopped, but didn’t, could have cried, but didn’t, could have given up, but didn’t.

Life is too short, too valuable, to let fear stand in your way.  So don’t.

Embrace the fear.  And live.

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