Inauguration Day 2017

I’ve been trying to process the change that’s coming.  Today, I’m of two minds.  I am proud of my country’s peaceful and celebrated transfer of power, and I believe in the fundamental strength of our democracy.  But I am terrified, because President Trump does not represent me at all.  I find him childish, vindictive, and hateful.  I think he is a terrifying and dangerous combination of ignorant, incurious, and arrogant.

I am worried that he will be a poor steward of our economy, our safety, our reputation, and our relationships with our allies.  I am afraid that he will do lasting harm.  And I am sad that so many of my fellow Americans voted for a man who embraces, with zeal, the worst of our past – xenophobia, racism, and a bent towards isolationism that ignores the reality of the world we live in – in the name of “making America great.”

This man will move our nation backwards.  And if his administration proves otherwise, it will be the happiest I’ve ever felt to be wrong.


I still believe in the goodness of our people.  I believe that we can heal the wounds this presidential campaign has created.  I believe that we can build commonalities rather than walls.  I know, deep down, that we are a fundamentally decent people.  I know that fear comes from ignorance.  I know that power is finite.  And so I believe, with everything that I am, that together, with patience, kindness, and love, we the people will continue to build a country that makes us proud, keeps us safe, welcomes the oppressed, comforts the broken, and remains a shining beacon of freedom in this world.

This is my country.  This is our country.  Together, we will succeed or fail.  And I believe that we can succeed.  That we will succeed.

That we must succeed.  Together.

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