Found Friday #2: Civil War Bullets in the Ceiling

When we moved into our house back in 2016, the previous owners told us that there were four Civil War bullets in our breakfast room ceiling.

Though we knew the house was built around 1820, we didn’t realize until later that it actually sits in a Civil War Battlefield Study Area. I’m sure that if we headed out to our back field with a metal detector, we’d find some interesting artifacts. I’m actually surprised we haven’t done that already. We don’t own a metal detector, so perhaps that’s why.

At any rate, before we even got unpacked, the first thing we did – and I’m serious, the very first thing – was examine that ceiling. We found three bullets fairly quickly.

The first three were easy to spot, but we’ve never found the fourth. Which means we’ll just have to keep looking!

(P.S. – I bought a metal detector. So there’s that.)

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