Sunday Supper #5: Happy New Year!

Hello, 2022! It’s lovely to meet you, and I hope you’re kind to us. Like, seriously. Please.

That’s pretty much where I am today. We had a lovely Christmas, and a very low-key New Year’s Eve and Day, and this evening, I’m mostly just pondering possibilities and wondering what this newest of years will bring. I’ve not made any Very Big Plans, though I have jotted down some goals, especially in regards to my creative work. More to come on that, and I think it’s going to be exciting.

But for now, I’d like to leave you with wishes for a wonderful, fulfilling, peaceful, exciting, creative, memorable, and most of all, a happy New Year. I hope you do cool stuff, make mistakes, learn, grow, draw, paint, dance, cook, eat, sing, read, write, and just generally live the best you can. And if you ever need a cheerleader, know I’m here, in your corner, even from the other side of the world, and I think you got this, whatever it is. Make 2022 a good one, y’all, and I’ll do the same.

Oh, and for supper: Taco Bell. Don’t judge. What’s a good year without a few tacos? 😉

19 thoughts on “Sunday Supper #5: Happy New Year!

  1. Thank you and same to you! All that cool stuff sounds great and I’m going for broke, for sure, only I’ll nix the singing part; you’d be glad I did if you had to listen! Can acting be a substitution for that? I have done some and I don’ mind it too much.
    Anyway, this was a good message to read and it definitely sounds to me like you and yours did it all just right!
    May you all have a blessed and Happy Year ahead! Amen.

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      • You’re very welcome Katie!
        I try being a little tongue-in-cheek to be funny sometimes but really my mother was trained as an operatic Soprano making for beautiful womanly melodies around the house when I was growing up and then to hear me sing I guess anyone would have to say, what happened! Unless someone likes bullfrogs, I’d say I inherited Dad’s vocals, I think its training and having the gift; but with acting which I have done over the years I think it’s something I could fake. Singing beautifully “you’ve either got it or you don’t,” at least I think that!
        But thank you again, you really had a very good after the holidays message here with some funny in it too, especially the Tacos part, but, that offer of a cheerleader was awesome!😉

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