Wallpaper Choices

Apparently, wallpaper is controversial. Which, I guess I sort of get. But then, I really don’t. I can see an argument that it’s hard to put up and even more difficult to take down. And yes, we’ve all seen those pictures of old, abandoned houses with tattered curtains and one-eyed baby dolls and, sure enough, mottled, gray peeling wallpaper. Spooky. I know.

But my house isn’t spooky. (I promise.)

And I like wallpaper.

All of this to say, as we finish up with the basement bathroom – which is oh so close to done and looks so, so good – I’m thinking of what we might like to do with our bathroom upstairs.

It’s our main bathroom, and it’s due for some pretty major changes. For one thing, the shower leaks onto our dining room table, which is…not great. We’d also like to expand the space and add a claw-foot tub. Luckily, we have one that we moved out of another bathroom. And I don’t think I want to get as cheeky as I did with the pink tile in the basement. But I would like to do something fun, and so I thought, “Why not a neat wallpaper?” My idea is that we’d have wainscoting, painted a warm, bright white, a little more than halfway up the wall, and then wallpaper on top of that. White tile in the shower, and my favorite black and white hexagon tile on the floor.

I can see it, and I think it would be lovely! So, I got some samples. These:

And these:

What do you think? Which would you choose? And props to you if you notice just what the blue and white toile in the second picture (in the middle) is inspired by. Here’s a hint: It’s a pretty famous movie.

Anyway, we’ll see what we decide. We’ve got some time, as our contractors finish up work in the basement. But I’m excited! This process has generally been sort of stressful, and the dust and mess is certainly not fun, but it’s really cool to see things coming together and to feel like our space reflects who we are.

So, onward!

22 thoughts on “Wallpaper Choices

  1. I like wallpaper, too–it gives a classic look even in the fun stuff. If you like it, go for it. However, in my experience of having removing old wallpaper and the new wallpapers, there is a big difference. It is not that difficult to remove now.

    I like all of your choices, so here’s my thoughts: My favorite is the first one–blue botanical on white. It is classy looking without being pompous or overstated. It is also a bit more “timeless” so it will likely be enjoyable for some time before you tire of it. The animal & botanical prints seem great for your environment, and the one with blue, white, and what looks like either black or dark navy places would work nicely with your white and the black and white tile floor.

    I guess that the movie print is “The Last of the Mohicans” or possibly North to Alaska. I did not look it up, but I will now and I promise not to do a spoil alert!

    This was a fun first read as I just got back home from a 3 day trip to Jackson and it always makes me appreciate my home and others! Great job on your remodeling choices and a fun post!

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    • I’ll reveal the movie in my post on Monday. 😉 I like the all of them for different reasons, so I’m having trouble deciding. I feel like wallpaper adds so much personality to a space. I’m really excited to see what it will look like once we get started.

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  2. I love wallpaper too. We’re also renovating and I wanted to put it jnnour spare bathroom, but Tichard is absolutely against it. So for uour choices I like the very first one and the last, which looks like similar designs jn different colours. Let us know what you decide! Maggie

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  3. I actually really love wallpaper but I don’t have any in my house. I like the idea of a main wallpapered wall, with other walls painted in similar shades to the wallpaper. I love Laura Ashley wallpaper.

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    • I’ll have to look up Laura Ashley wallpaper! I’ve always wanted wallpaper in my house, so I’m excited to be able to do it. We’ll see how it comes out, but I think it will look nice. 🙂


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