Inauguration Day 2017

I’ve been trying to process the change that’s coming.  Today, I’m of two minds.  I am proud of my country’s peaceful and celebrated transfer of power, and I believe in the fundamental strength of our democracy.  But I am terrified, because President Trump does not represent me at all.  I find him childish, vindictive, and hateful.  I think he is a terrifying and dangerous combination of ignorant, incurious, and arrogant.

I am worried that he will be a poor steward of our economy, our safety, our reputation, and our relationships with our allies.  I am afraid that he will do lasting harm.  And I am sad that so many of my fellow Americans voted for a man who embraces, with zeal, the worst of our past – xenophobia, racism, and a bent towards isolationism that ignores the reality of the world we live in – in the name of “making America great.”

This man will move our nation backwards.  And if his administration proves otherwise, it will be the happiest I’ve ever felt to be wrong.


I still believe in the goodness of our people.  I believe that we can heal the wounds this presidential campaign has created.  I believe that we can build commonalities rather than walls.  I know, deep down, that we are a fundamentally decent people.  I know that fear comes from ignorance.  I know that power is finite.  And so I believe, with everything that I am, that together, with patience, kindness, and love, we the people will continue to build a country that makes us proud, keeps us safe, welcomes the oppressed, comforts the broken, and remains a shining beacon of freedom in this world.

This is my country.  This is our country.  Together, we will succeed or fail.  And I believe that we can succeed.  That we will succeed.

That we must succeed.  Together.

New Year, New House, Same Me

I’ll be honest – I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution that I’ve kept.  I believe that we should always strive to be more kind, more honest, more engaged, more fulfilled, and just happy, but for me, setting goals because the calendar’s turning over feels a little, well, artificial.

It’s 2017 – twelve days in – and I’m sitting in my same chair, writing on my same laptop, using my same brain, in my new (old) house.


I know that this house will become a project not just for 2017 but for life.  And I mean that in a couple of ways.  Graham and I will spend this year (and the years to come) making this charming old farmhouse everything it was ever meant to be.

And that is my hope, not resolution, for now and for always, for all of us in 2017 and beyond.  That we appreciate ourselves for who we are.  That we set the path for who we will become without fear or doubt.

That we embrace our flaws and build beautiful things with them and make our lives everything we want them to be.

I wasn’t perfect in 2016, and I expect I’ll be the same ridiculous person in 2017.  And I’m pretty okay with that.


But as I look ahead, with my same eyes, I am excited and a little scared, and hopeful, always hopeful, that I will keep working and writing, that I will keep singing and dancing and having fun, that I will learn and try and fail and succeed, and that I will do my part to make this world everything I believe it can be.