Travel, Rain, and Trying to Write a Short Story

Well, owing to a combination of a very busy week and my own poor planning, here we are, precariously close to the end of the month, and I haven’t even started April’s short story yet. Sigh.

We’re visiting family this weekend, and we drove down yesterday. It’s so nice to see everyone! And I desperately want to spend this time together, rather than tucked away in a corner trying to write. The good news is, it’s raining today! (No, seriously, this is good.) That means that it’s probably going to be a quieter, slower day, so maybe I will have some time to step away and work for a bit. We shall see.

The other good news is that we brought both Annie and Merlin down with us. Annie loves road trips, but cats don’t usually like to travel (an understatement), so we wondered how Merlin would feel. But he’s been doing great! He didn’t complain in the car, and once we got here and he explored a little bit, he pretty much decided he owns this space now, too. That cat…totally unflappable, I’m telling you.

Anyway, if you don’t see a short story from me by Sunday, I promise to post one next week. And that means two stories in May! Which is breaking my rule a bit, but I figure, we make exceptions for things that matter, right? And family matters a whole lot.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend. Happy creating, y’all!

Annie got a haircut!

And I think it tired her out.

We’ve actually not gotten her groomed in a very long time (probably too long, honestly), because there’s been a dog flu going around in our area. We know someone who lost a beloved pet to it, and it was scary and sad. Annie’s older and not in the best health – nothing awful, just aging and such – and so I worried about her being in a place with lots of other dogs. And unfortunately, she doesn’t really enjoy it when we try to bathe and brush her. Luckily, we found a mobile groomer!

And also luckily, cases of this particular illness have been going down pretty precipitously.

At any rate, she’s looking much better, and I’m sure feeling better, too. The groomer said she didn’t really want to stand up much, which isn’t surprising. She’s just a little old and creaky these days. But it’s funny, looking at her little graying muzzle. No matter how old she gets, I will always see her as the spunky puppy we brought home all those years ago.  

Found Friday #46: A Frequent Visitor

This little guy seems to come back and visit us every year.

We always see him at his favorite spot on the power lines by our back window. Out of curiosity, I looked up bluebirds, and most of the information I found says that they symbolize joy and hope, and are a sign that good things are just around the corner. Well, I sure hope so! But perhaps it’s enough that this little one makes me smile – a big kindness from so small a creature.

Nature is amazing, y’all.

I Am Somewhere Else (A Poem)

You’re talking to me,
I know,
and I sort of, mostly hear you.
See, I’m not quite here
(though not quite not) –
I’m somewhere else,
far away
right in front of you.
It’s not one place,
so I can’t tell you where,
or when,
or exactly how I came to be there.
Or even, truthfully,
when I might be back.
You’re frustrated,
I can tell,
but just consider this:
How wonderful to travel
without tickets
or borders
or worries about time and money
and a place to stay.
I’m lucky, I think.
…what did you say?

A Morning Walk in Spring

It’s so gorgeous out today, and I just had to share some pictures that Graham snapped on his morning walk with Annie. (Where was I? Alas, I’m not a morning person, so, still in bed.)

I’m really hoping we get some fruit this year from our apple trees. I doubt we will, but you never know!

I suppose they’re just weeds, but I think they’re lovely.

The Japanese maple looks so vibrant in the morning sunlight.

Perhaps I ought to start waking up earlier, right? This is certainly a lot of color and beauty to miss in the service of sleeping in.

The Redbud’s Blooming!

It feels like it happened overnight, and now here we are!

Redbud trees are my favorite. They’re native to the area, and I think every bit as lovely as cherry blossoms. To me, it’s not spring until the redbud trees bloom.

There’s actually a small festival near the town where I grew up. I’ve never attended, despite living so close for so long, and perhaps one of these days I should change that.

But for now, I’ll enjoy this beauty from the comfort of my favorite writing chair.

Apple Blossom Friday

I love snow in winter, but there’s nothing quite like watching things come alive again in spring.

Maybe we’ll even get some apples from our orchard this year! But even if not, just seeing the blossoms makes me smile.