The Redbud’s Blooming!

It feels like it happened overnight, and now here we are!

Redbud trees are my favorite. They’re native to the area, and I think every bit as lovely as cherry blossoms. To me, it’s not spring until the redbud trees bloom.

There’s actually a small festival near the town where I grew up. I’ve never attended, despite living so close for so long, and perhaps one of these days I should change that.

But for now, I’ll enjoy this beauty from the comfort of my favorite writing chair.

16 thoughts on “The Redbud’s Blooming!

  1. Not what type of flowers they were but they come from this huge bush of pink or purplish flowers outside my post office and for the first time I spied the flowers looking at me with black beady eyes. so strange. I have never noticed these flowers before like this. I should have taken a picture but I was in a hurry – I really need to listen to the earth more when it speaks to me and not be so rushed by time, time being a substance you can not hear or smell or taste unless you are very high off the wacky weed.. do you know of these flowers? I will be going back to the post office sooner or later and hopefully them eyes will still be there looking at me again and for sure I will take a picture. 🙂

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