Go places, meet people, write stories.

My name is Katie and that’s pretty much what I do.  I live in a 200-year-old farmhouse in Virginia’s beautiful wine and hunt country that I’m pretty sure isn’t haunted.  Most days.  I like exploring and drinking wine, old house living, bonfires and craft beers, good songs and better company, and writing about all of it.  So, now you know why I’m here.

Join me for dirt road adventures in the countryside!  We won’t get lost.  Probably.




20 thoughts on “About

  1. I can definitely relate to you’re story. I’m also from coal countryish (Abingdon) and now live in Richmond. A place I came to after giving up lots of safety nets in my life.

    I hope you do well pursuing your passion, and if all else fails you’ll never have to regret not doing it.

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    • It was a fantastic poem! The last line, I think, really got me the most – the delusion that you do not have any delusions. I think that’s true for many people, that we don’t realize just how much our own minds – our preferences, our experiences, our struggles, etc. – influence how we see the world. I think we’re all to some extent trying to balance knowing that we are unique individuals with the wisdom that we aren’t special, that we’re a tiny part of a mind-blowingly large universe. Anyway, really great poem, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to read it!


  2. i just wanted to pop by and say hullo, and thank you for so often popping up on my little corner of the world, pull up a chair. i smile every time i see you in your lovely little icon!

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