A Morning Walk in Spring

It’s so gorgeous out today, and I just had to share some pictures that Graham snapped on his morning walk with Annie. (Where was I? Alas, I’m not a morning person, so, still in bed.)

I’m really hoping we get some fruit this year from our apple trees. I doubt we will, but you never know!

I suppose they’re just weeds, but I think they’re lovely.

The Japanese maple looks so vibrant in the morning sunlight.

Perhaps I ought to start waking up earlier, right? This is certainly a lot of color and beauty to miss in the service of sleeping in.

5 thoughts on “A Morning Walk in Spring

    • Thank you for reading! 🙂 I do that, too. And I think we’ll let our back field go to meadow again this year. It feels like something small we can do for the pollinators and butterflies and bunnies and such. (With the added advantage that Graham doesn’t have to spend hours mowing!)

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