Memorial Monday

It’s a holiday in the US today that both (informally) signals the beginning of summer and (more importantly) gives us time to remember those who’ve lost their lives fighting on behalf of our country. Graham and I will be spending today in – he’s got some work to do, and I’ve got a short story to write (which will be out tomorrow).

But, for those celebrating more formally, or for anyone enjoying this day, I wish you a good one, and time to reflect and remember.

My Monday Blues (A Poem)

And here we are again,
aren’t we?
A blasé Monday
spent checking things
off the list
(the interminable list).
It’s pretty mundane, sure
(but made better by sunshine
and maybe some good wine
at dinner).
And the hits, well, yeah
they do keep coming,
but that’s not so bad
because life does keep going.
And, hey, as it stands,
at least I’m not bored.