Sunday Supper #9: Celebrating Mother’s Day from Afar

Well, not too far. My mom lives about six hours away…

…and Graham’s mom lives about four.

Today, though, I wish we lived closer to both of them. Graham and I are lucky to have them, and I’d love to celebrate with them in person, but that just wasn’t in the cards this year. So, a blog post in their honor will have to do.

They are beautiful, smart, kind, wise, and so very wonderful. Today and every day, we love them both so much.

(Oh, and for supper? Leftover red beans and rice. It’s been a long week, y’all.)

I Have My Mother’s (A Belated Mother’s Day Poem)

I have my mother’s eyes.
I have her temper, too,
and her stubborn streak.
(Just ask my dad.)
I have her joy in reading –
not from inheritance, but habit –
and, I hope, also, her kindness.
My mother taught me to laugh,
and grace and patience.
And she gave me part of herself:
years of time,
of being together,
of lessons,
of hugs and of presents,
and of watching her wild child grow.
She gave a million little moments
to build me up.
I have my mother’s heart,
a lifetime’s worth of love,
the greatest treasure.
And she has mine.