Annie is a beach dog???

Y’all, I just had to share one more picture from our beach getaway.

Now that we’ve been home for a week, Annie is up to her usual antics – barking, guarding the back window against deer and groundhogs, generally being sort of loud and energetic.

She was a different dog at the beach. As you can see.

Calm, sleepy, relaxed, easy-going. I’m beginning to think our country puppy who loves the snow and cold is actually A BEACH DOG! Who knew?

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

There’s always time…

…for one last sunrise.

This is from yesterday, bright and early, as we were packing up and getting ready to head home from a lovely and much-needed vacation. I don’t know what it is about sunrises on the beach, but I just can’t enough of them.

Beach Break!

I’ll be taking a writing break next week to really enjoy some family time and of course some long days on the beach. 😊 I’ll be back on August 15th. For now, enjoy some pictures of my mother-in-law’s beautiful garden, which we have been enjoying so much these last few days.

And until next time, I wish y’all happy creating!

A Sure Sign of Summer

Look at this little guy!

I’ve written before about how I find bugs fascinating. Graham snapped a few pictures of this one – just molted – yesterday, and I just had to share.

Last year, we had a giant brood of cicadas in the region, and boy were they…annoying. And different from our usual set, too.

Neat to watch, and cool to think about, but generally loud, and ever-present. I caught one of them landing on me every ten seconds.

No brood this year, but one of the surest signs of summer around here is the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) hum of the cicadas. Like fireflies in the evening and passing storms in the afternoon, it’s really just not summer without it.