Two Friendship Tanka (or, Poetry Challenges Are Fun and You Should Participate, Too!)

It’s been a while since I participated in one of Rebecca’s poetry challenges over at Fake Flamenco, and I’m excited to get back to it. This month’s challenge is to write a tanka poem about a friend or companion animal. And you know how I feel about friendship. 😊 So here are my contributions, because it seems like I can never write just one.   

Today, I called you
just to say hello and chat
about life and stuff.
It was a small moment, but
those small moments make a life.

Wherever we go
together, that’s home for me.
Home isn’t a place,
see, because instead it’s love
that makes a home in our hearts.

If you’d like to participate, as well, you’ve got until Sunday, February 5th. I think you should! I always enjoy these, and reading everyone’s poems is definitely the best part.

Three Celestial Tanka

I wrote these for the November 2021 Poetry Challenge over at Fake Flamenco (which is a wonderful blog that you should definitely go visit and follow). I’ve never written a tanka before, or done a poetry challenge, for that matter, so I had some fun and wrote a few different poems. Enjoy! And if you want to participate, too, the deadline to post is Sunday, November 16th.    


The moon and the sun

They are sisters eternal

Each in her own place

They bring balance to the sky

And harmony to mankind


I can hold it all

Stars and moon, the midnight sky

Wrapped close in my arms

The velvet dark and blue light

A cosmic lover kept safe


Paint the stars with me

Dream the dreams and name the lights

Sing songs of elders

Deep in the dark sky’s belly

Awaken the living flame