A Virginia Writer Goes to Alaska


Markets, ferries, orcas, haunted soda machines, freestyle poets, lots of seafood, beautiful scenery, and good people!  What’s not to love?


Thank you for everything, Seattle!  Stay amazing!


Now off to Alaska on my very first cruise with some wonderful friends.  Sadly, Wi-Fi on the boat costs about a dollar a minute, so posts will resume once I’m back on Virginia soil, because I’m a writer who makes stories not money.  But, you know, what’s a little Wi-Fi when there’s adventure to be had?  Onward to the Last Frontier!


“Where forlorn sunsets flare and fade
On desolate sea and lonely sand,
Out of the silence and the shade
What is the voice of strange command
Calling you still, as friend calls friend
With love that cannot brook delay,
To rise and follow the ways that wend
Over the hills and far away?” –William Ernest Henley, “Over the Hills and Far Away”

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