Making Dumplings

Life is a lot like making dumplings.

There aren’t exact measurements to get it right.


Sometimes things get messy before they get better.


Just keep at it.


Because it’s okay to be a little rough around the edges.


And it’s okay to be unconventional.


That’s what makes you beautiful.


Don’t stir the pot.


Just let things rest sometimes.


Add a little spice.


And always savor every bite, because chicken and dumplings never last long.

5 thoughts on “Making Dumplings

  1. You are definitely a good writer when you can take something as simple as making dumplings and describe life! Very good lesson here, Katie. I love the pictures showing Mom’s hands doing what she loves to do.


    • I so totally agree with Janet. Absolutely beautiful and definitely a wise and compassionate lesson from an Ole Soul! It sometimes takes people a life time to learn what you so eloquently stated with visions of making dumplings….which I happen to love….especially Mom’s.

      Love you guys,

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