Found Friday #20: A new camera lens and an alien creature on a strange planet…

My husband got a new camera lens a couple of weeks ago, and he’s been getting used to it. Graham is a wonderful photographer, though he won’t say so, and he’s captured some really amazing images in the last several years.

I really like this one from Iceland. I just love the quality of the evening light.

And this one, from Bath.

This one’s an old favorite, taken from our balcony on an Alaskan cruise.

And I love this one, which he took while we were sitting with some friends on the beach one day. I don’t even know how he spotted this kid, since it was a really crowded day in the ocean.

The movement, the sunshine, the joy – he just nailed it.

Graham doesn’t often spend money on himself, and so when he said he wanted to buy a macro lens, I told him he should go for it. We should all feel empowered to pursue the things we love, and that includes setting ourselves up with the proper tools.

He’s not quite happy with the quality of the images he’s gotten so far, but he’s enjoying learning his way around the new lens. He spotted a good opportunity a few nights ago to get some practice.

It’s a Japanese beetle (they invade our house every winter) on a piece of volcanic rock, but it looks like an alien creature on a different planet.

I mean, sure, these images are a little blurry, but I still think they’re really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll do once he’s a little more familiar and comfortable with shooting with a macro lens.

And in the meantime, I’ll keep encouraging him, and reminding him that perfection doesn’t exist in this universe. 😊

5 thoughts on “Found Friday #20: A new camera lens and an alien creature on a strange planet…

  1. I can see why you like these photographs–I would say the one from Bath is my favorite of the “oldies” but I really like that alien on an alien planet! So those are Japanese beetles? They invade ours too, and I have never figured out how they get in! We do not see many of them now, but the first year we were here, they were like swarming bees all over the place!

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    • I love the image from Bath. The umbrellas, the rain…just really, really fun. 🙂 Yes, they are. And the best part is, I have an irrational phobia of them. It’s always super fun for me when we start seeing them around the house. I’ve mostly accepted that they’re a fact of life these days, but man, they do get everywhere.

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  2. Really good images. Macrophotography is hard. The focal length and depth of field is so short that it’s hard to get that really sharp image, but he nailed it on the lady bug (or whatever that critter is). It takes tremendous patience, which is why I’ll never be good at macrophotography.

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