Found Friday #30: Gatsby’s New Hobby

Y’all, what have I done?

The other night, relaxing in bed for a bit before I went to sleep, I was watching a video about a talking raven. Now, Gatsby has never, not once in his life, been even remotely interested in what’s on TV. He’s never noticed. He’s never paid any attention at all.

Well, he noticed that talking raven, and stalked down to the edge of the bed, and watched. Intensely. And so I thought, oh, fun, I’ll put on some videos for cats. Maybe he’ll enjoy them for a while. He’s an old cat. I won’t deny him some TV time if he wants it.

Now, he’s a cat obsessed. Whenever we come up to bed, he waits (mostly politely) for his shows to start. He stares at the blank screen and meows at us until we put something on it. He gets as close as he can, like a little kid watching cartoons. He gets invested. He watches TV like a little old lady watching her soap operas. It’s the most focused I’ve seen him in ages.

I think I’ve created a couch potato…

22 thoughts on “Found Friday #30: Gatsby’s New Hobby

  1. I love it. My boy cat (RIP 2019) never cared about TV, it would hold his attention for all of 3 seconds, but my girl (Trinity RIP 2020) LOVED tv. There is a channel called DOG TV that she loved, also I had a DVD that was non-stop birds, squirrels, mice and chipmunks, and she loved it. I would leave it on as a sitter (so to speak) in her remaining months with us but it soothed her. She would watch it until she fell asleep. So yes there is nothing wrong with a little TV. LOL

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