Found Friday #36: Grandmother Memories

This picture popped up on my Facebook memories earlier this week.

I’ll admit it’s not a great photo. But I remember this day well, because I’m fairly certain it was the last time I had my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings.

I was visiting my parents in southwest Virginia, and my grandmother made a batch just for me. I insisted she didn’t need to do that, that I just wanted to see her and not to trouble herself over me, but stubbornness does run in the family, and she’d already made up her mind.

Looking back on it now, I’m glad I took the picture, and glad she did trouble herself. And very glad indeed that I ate almost the whole batch.

13 thoughts on “Found Friday #36: Grandmother Memories

      • My former father-in-law told me the secret of his awesome dumplings: canned biscuits. You put them in flour, kind of like rolling cookie dough, patting the flour in on both sides, flatten, and cut them into strips. Although I have mother’s recipe, I could never get them right either, but I have never had a fail with the biscuit trick, and everyone raves about them. Of course, the secret is now not a secret. 🙂

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      • Oh, that’s so clever! Thank you for sharing that secret! My grandmother actually showed me, step by step, how to make her chicken and dumplings. I wrote it down and took pictures and everything. And I still can’t get it right! But I’ll probably never stop trying. 🙂

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    • I am, too. I’m grateful I got so many years with my grandmother (they are the sweetest!), even if I never learned to cook quite as well as she could. She actually sat down with me one day and showed me how to make chicken and dumplings step by step, and I still can’t quite get it. Maybe one of these days, I’ll figure out how she did it.

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