Gatsby’s Happy Face

I know it might be hard to believe, but this is actually the face of a supremely happy cat. He always misses us when we’re gone, and doesn’t want us out of his sight when we’re back.

It’s nice to be so loved.

(P.S. – We’re both playing catch-up this week. Me and Graham, that is. Gatsby doesn’t do work, because, well, he’s a senior citizen and a cat. Graham’s busy season is finally over, and an issue I’d been pouring my time into is hopefully resolved. So, we’re getting back to life as usual, if such a thing even exists. And we’re working on several old house priorities that piled up over the spring and early summer. Any interest in hearing about them? Let me know! Otherwise and either way, I’ll keep things interesting around here. I promise. 😊)

23 thoughts on “Gatsby’s Happy Face

    • I have so many project coming up! Some are more interesting than others, but I think looking at them together will paint a pretty cool picture of what it’s like to own an older home. I’m glad people are interested! It gives me lots to write about. And yes, he is! A very handsome old man. 🙂

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