A Virginia Writer Goes to New Jersey…

…for a whirlwind couple of days, to attend the wedding of a dear friend. A couple of thoughts here:

Thought the first: Every time I’ve come to New Jersey (which, granted, is only twice), I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how nice and pretty it actually is. New Jersey, like Florida, or for that matter, the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia where I grew up, is often the butt of mean jokes about bad hair and rude, unintelligent people. I’m sure those things exist – they exist everywhere – but my experience here in the Garden State has been nothing but lovely. And, having dealt with them as a mountain girl from down the holler, I’m pretty much totally and completely over ugly, unfair stereotypes.

Thought the second: I’m so happy for my friend and his bride to be. It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate with them, and to share their special weekend. I feel very fortunate, and I know that not everyone has the opportunity to see their loved ones and be together right now. This last year and change has been such a trying, awful, scary time, and COVID doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I don’t really know what else to say. I just feel lucky, and grateful. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m doing my best to treasure these happy moments, knowing that everything could change in an instant, and has, for many people all over the world.

So, that’s what I’ve got for today. I try not to ramble in my posts, but my mind is just feeling too many feelings this morning. And I’ve only had one cup of coffee, which is apparently not quite enough. I’ll leave you here, then, with a wish for you that your weekend is fabulous, that your coffee is hot and made just the way you like it, and that you are happy and well.

17 thoughts on “A Virginia Writer Goes to New Jersey…

  1. As a WV hillbilly, I’m with you on the stereotypes. Side note: Last week I did my first playing and singing gig at the local coffee shop. Played a little last night, too. I’m going to write a post about it that I think you’ll find interesting. Have fun!

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  2. Sadly, we stereotype all kinds of places and people. I am with you on New Jersey–it is a beautiful place, and I met a lot of wonderful people there…and a couple of others. 🙂
    Still, I am glad you feel the sense of appreciation and gratefulness; if more people did, we could learn to live a kinder, more compassionate life.

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    • I agree with you on that.

      It’s been a busy weekend so far, but just so wonderful to be surrounded by love and by people we seldom get to see. Tonight we cap it off with a dinner at a historic site in our village, and tomorrow, sleep. But I’m still just so grateful and happy. I will sleep well tomorrow, I think.

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  3. Aww what a beautiful post! After such a desperately trying 18 months or so during this pandemic, hearing of celebrations and weddings really is heart-warming and gives you pause for gratitude. I’ve read about New Jersey being gorgeous, so I’m a wee bit jealous (from my grey and rainy corner of the UK!) – I hope your friend has a beautiful wedding and that you have a wonderful few days away!

    Caz xx

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    • Thank you! The wedding festivities have concluded, and it was just so wonderful to be there. So much love in one room, and such a good time with friends we seldom see. Tonight, we cap things off with a dinner at a historic site in our village, and tomorrow, a day to rest and reflect.

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