A funny (musical) thing happened at the local tavern…

I love life’s little, unexpected moments. Especially when they involve music. Here’s what happened:

On Saturday night, we went out to a birthday dinner with a couple of very dear friends at one of our favorite local spots. The musical act was setting up for their show that night – a singer and a guitarist – and I happened to strike up a conversation with the guitarist. We talked for a bit about the kinds of things we like to sing and play, and, well, long story short, he invited me up to sing a number. This doesn’t happen often, and as a rule, I never ask. Not my show, you know? But hey, I love to sing, and he was really good, and the singer he was playing with was also really good and very nice, and sometimes, you just let the magic happen.

So, with apologies for the poor quality of this cell phone video, I wanted to share that little bit of magic with all of you, too.

I remain just so, so grateful to live in a community full of wonderful, kind, and enormously talented musicians who graciously give me the opportunity to share the music and make good noise. Nothing better in the entire world.

11 thoughts on “A funny (musical) thing happened at the local tavern…

  1. Loved it–I agree, it was awesome. Specifically, all the things I loved–the match between the rapid guitar and your singing; that ending–I was not expecting that; your sweater and scarf combo–yeah, I know it is not about the song, but I still loved it and it reminds me of fall; I have been wearing my ‘in-between sweater a bit already, too! And finally, I admire musicians and singers who will still play for the love of playing and singing, even if folks are talking over you. Some of the best times I have had have been in places like wherever you are, and I am glad you shared the video–no apologies necessary, and thanks for the magic. Perfect end to my perfect day!

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    • I’m so glad to hear all of that! It was a perfect end to my night, too, reading this comment. 🙂 I love music for music’s sake, but rarely get to sing with other musicians these days, so it was a joy for me. (And I’m happy Graham got a video!)

      And on the scarf, I wear it pretty much every day between September and April. It’s my favorite! But I think it’s especially good for the fall, given the color. I don’t even remember where I got it! But it’s definitely a staple in my wardrobe in the cooler months. And I am so ready for some cooler months. 🙂

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