(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Dumpling Memories Edition

This photo popped up in my memories today.

On this day, which was a Saturday back in 2019, my friend Jessica came over for the weekend and graciously shared her family’s dumpling recipe with me. So, we invited over Graham’s brother and our sister-in-law, and together with Jessica, the five of us sat down and made dumplings.

200 dumplings.

I’d never folded dumplings before, and it was a really fun new skill to learn. And the end result was delicious.

Turns out, 200 dumplings isn’t really all that many when you’ve got five people and an entire weekend to eat them. They were well and truly gone by Sunday evening.

Maybe one day, we’ll all get together and do it again. That would be nice. And tasty, too.

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