Found Friday #42: What are these, exactly?

Graham and I stopped into my favorite antique and vintage shop over the weekend, and these little cups caught my eye:

I bought them and brought them home, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what they’re meant to be used for. Are they sake cups? Maybe they’re for sugar? I don’t know! They’re Nippon, based on the maker’s mark.

But a quick Google search doesn’t turn up this pattern, so who knows? Regardless, I just think they’re neat. And different, given their shape, pattern, and colors, than anything else I have in my china collection. So, overall, a pretty cool find.

8 thoughts on “Found Friday #42: What are these, exactly?

  1. I love cute dishes and always loved collecting. I believe the Nippon “M” in the wreath was 1911-1921 production. I’m thinking dipping bowls for salt, sauce, or water (to clean finger tips?). The design of playing cards throws me, though, I quickly searched nippon playing cards and found nippon card designs for humidors and ashtrays only. But I did come upon this, which is a match to the shape of yours but not the pattern. Not sure if I paste link, it will work for you but will try!

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    • I bet that’s what they are! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. How cool! The link worked and was helpful (and now I want to buy that one, too). The pattern throws me, as well. I can’t find it, which makes me think these might be copies and not genuine, but they’re neat, nonetheless.

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