Redbud Season!

It’s officially spring here in my little corner of Virginia. Today, it’s lovely – warm and partly cloudy, a bit breezy, just wonderful. And, most importantly (to me, anyway): it’s redbud season!

That’s a picture from last year, when I posted about the beautiful little redbud tree in our yard. Right now, the blossoms are just getting started.

I love redbuds so much. I just think they’re gorgeous, and nothing makes me think of home quite like they do. And, super cool, the blossoms grow right on the bark.

I only noticed that a couple of years ago. Isn’t that funny? That you can look at something your whole life and still learn something new about it.

Anyway, I plan to enjoy the redbuds in bloom for as long as I can. Winter might be my favorite, but there’s plenty to love about spring, too.  

27 thoughts on “Redbud Season!

  1. I love redbuds too and they are one of the first things to show color! I love how they are in a forest and just bloom away in their little spot. It’s like: “Brighten the corner where you are!”

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  2. These are beautiful Katie. My “not redbud” box elder maple started blooming earlier, but the rains and winds have taken their toll. What I just learned is that the male and female flowers are on different trees, and the wind disperses the seed. It is all so amazing!

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    • So cool to learn new things! It’s been windy here, but thankfully, it’s warmed up a bit. I think it’s supposed to get cold again this weekend, though, and I really hope it doesn’t have an effect on all the beautiful blooming things.

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  3. So beautiful. We have cherry blossoms growing all over the city. And it’s amazing to see how one small change can transform the whole look of a place. It’s soothing to the eyes and a refreshing change from the winter months.

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  4. “Isn’t that funny? That you can look at something your whole life and still learn something new about it.” – Happens to me all the time, especially when I’m re-reading something. I guess it depends on what we’re focusing on.

    Beautiful pictures!

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      • Virginia has a rainy season, but from what I’ve heard and read, it’s nothing like monsoon season in India. I’d love to experience that one of these days. Or maybe I wouldn’t? You tell me! I do love rain. I love the sound of rain falling on a metal roof, and I love knowing that the more it rains, the greener the summer will be.


      • We do get good rain. Although my state is desert state, but we get decent rain here. I’m from Udaipur City, it’s called lakecity. I’m sure you will love it if you can see some pics of it.
        If I talk about my garden specifically, I love watching plants when it rains, I can sense their joy and I love the sweet fragrance of the mud.
        I don’t want to promote my blog or anything, but I would like to show you my garden, I’ve shared some pics in my blog “spend time with nature”. I hope you will love that particular blog 🙂 🌱🌦️

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