(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Blossoms in the Rain

We had our first big thunderstorm last night. It started at around 11:00 and lasted about an hour, with lots of lightning, loud thunder, and heavy rain. Then it moved on, but it left the rain behind.

This morning, things are looking damp and cloudy, but there’s beauty in that, I think.

A gray sky against dewy, green leaves and blossoms – there’s something so peaceful and striking about that.  

And I figure, whether you like it or not, the rainy days will come. So, better to just appreciate them for what they are, and find joy in a darker sky.

18 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Blossoms in the Rain

  1. First of all I got child like curiosity to read your blog!!
    My eyes were shining in the joy when I saw 3 minutes ago.
    I love the pics, beautiful flowers. As I’ve mentioned in a different post of yours, I love rain just for the plants, rains does a magic on the plants, and I can see their happiness while it’s raining.
    Btw, I hope you guys are safe and no damage occurred to anything around you.

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    • Oh, I bet it looks beautiful! It’s raining here again today, and honestly, I love a rainy Saturday. Books, tea, and slowing down a bit – it’s pretty wonderful. 🙂


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