May’s Short Story (and some other thoughts, too…)

I’m working on it! Or, I’m trying to. And it’ll be up on either Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I’m writing this on Thursday, May 26th. It’s cloudy outside, and a little breezy, and I’m watching cardinals chase each other around in the birch tree by my back window. Sometimes, it strikes me how this planet just keeps turning. It has to. There is no other choice. It turns, and we keep going.

I’d planned for my story to be finished and posted by the end of this week, but honestly, I’m just having trouble writing much of anything at this moment. Nothing feels right. My words sound hollow and empty. My heart hurts for a tragedy that both is and isn’t mine, and I’m angry and frustrated that my country has to mourn losses like this over and over. I’m not trying to get political, and I’m not trying to claim grief that doesn’t belong to me, and I’m certainly not trying to dump my feelings in anyone else’s lap. We were never meant to carry the burdens of the whole world.

Anyway, I can’t seem to write anything else right now, so I wrote this. I’ll be back next week, with a (hopefully) good story, and some happier thoughts. Until then, if you feel this way, too, wherever you are, know that you’re not alone. We carry the burdens of our world whether we’re meant to or not, but at least we can carry them together.

18 thoughts on “May’s Short Story (and some other thoughts, too…)

  1. Thank you, Katie, for taking the deep dive on this one–it is genuine and authentic. It has become far too easy to say it is “politicizing” anytime someone calls out the truth of a matter or says something people don’t want to acknowledge. Rev. Lucius Walker used to call it “naming the foxes guarding the henhouse” and frankly we need more of that these days. It is hard to carry all these burdens, and standing the burdened is one way to help. Carry on, sister.

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    • It has become too easy, to the point where I think people are sometimes hesitant to share their thoughts. It’s a sad state of things, and it makes me frustrated. I feel like as someone who writes, I have a responsibility to be true to my experiences, and honest in what I share. I’m glad and grateful that you and others are here, reading, and sharing your thoughts, too.


  2. Always try to share your thoughts in a space you are comfortable with. Sometimes on social media, this backfires for me. I understand about writing as my best writing was 2 years ago including poetry, and short stories. For some reason, it has been harder to write and that be because current day politics and policies take up my time just thinking of how it affects us all. Thanks for sharing.

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