Am I a writer this week?

It’s been a week, y’all. Last week was a week, too. I don’t feel like I’ve been able to focus and spend time on the projects I care most about lately, including my writing. In fact, I don’t feel much like a writer this week at all.

It’s not a great feeling. And it’s also not true.

On weeks like this, when I’m tired and stressed and when my impostor syndrome gets the better of me, I remind myself that creating is fundamental to who I am. It’s part of me, just like my hair and my nails and my eyes and that weird little wrinkle I get in my forehead when I think too hard about math. It’s like breathing.

Every day, I’m thinking about a story, or an idea, or just some words that fit nicely together. Even if I can’t do anything with them RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately, we live in a world where RIGHT NOW is often table stakes, a requirement of any job and an expectation in any undertaking. There’s just not a lot of value placed on someday soon, or on letting your mind meander even when your hands are busy elsewhere. It seems, in many ways, we’ve lost the will or the way to appreciate the art of daydreaming.

So, I’ve not gotten much writing done this week. But I am a writer. I can’t turn it on and off like a faucet. I wouldn’t want to.

And if you’ve had a week like mine, this week or in the future, I hope you remember: You are a writer. Even when things get in the way, and even when it feels like you’ll never get back to your trusty old pen and paper (or laptop). YOU ARE A WRITER.

In conclusion, TL;DR – Yes, I am still a writer this week. And I wonder what next week will bring.

20 thoughts on “Am I a writer this week?

  1. You are writer forever.
    Even if you are not writing, or unable to write for some reason. You are always a writer. A writer need not necessarily has to write all the time. Contemplating, searching for new ideas is also part of writing. If you are thinking about writing and your mind is there, you are still a writer.
    Take you time and keep sharing.

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  2. To be in a slump
    Is certainly no fun
    Unslumping one’s self
    Is not easily done!

    Look around
    Where ever you waddle
    Write a little
    You’re back in the saddle!


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  3. Even if the pen doesn’t touch the paper somedays, I am sure we writers are always writing something in our heads, and thinking of plots and story lines in our sleep. I like your thought that we should still continue to daydream. Maybe a world-wide daydreaming day?

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