Winter’s on the Way

Almost gone, your leaves
Fallen and caught by the wind
You know what’s coming

It seems to have happened overnight, though I know it didn’t: We woke up this morning, and just like that, our birch tree is ready for winter. It always makes me a little melancholy, watching a season end. But I love winter, and hopefully this year, we’ll have some snow.

There are still plenty of colorful leaves on some of our other trees, so we’re not quite there yet. But winter is certainly on its way, y’all.

23 thoughts on “Winter’s on the Way

  1. I’m with you on Winter, Katie. We still have plenty of leaves on the trees here in the UK. As I’m writing this, the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, which is seven degrees warmer than the seasonal average. Brings a different perspective to the last line of your excellent haiku.

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    • Yes, it does! It’s been bouncing between warm and cool here, but the leaves seem to be doing what they want to do, regardless. Hopefully you get some snow and a nice winter this year!


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