Thank you for the music, Loretta Lynn.

Sad news yesterday, but I’m so grateful to be alive in a time when she was, too. So this one’s for Loretta, an old video of a good song.

Our time here may be brief, but when we leave our stories behind – our words, our music, our art – part of us really does live forever. Thank you for your music, Loretta Lynn, and for sharing it with the world.

Weekend Rain (A Poem)

Picture it:
A cool breeze
and a constant drizzle
in the newly gold-tipped trees,
and inside
a warm house,
two lovers sit by a fire,
drinking tea.
“Rain all weekend,”
says the one, and
“That’s not so bad,”
says the other.
And it’s true,
you know –
there are worse ways
to spend
a couple of days
than inside, together,
just watching
the autumn world
turn damp and gray.