Fridays with Merlin

Y’all, it’s been a week, and I’m so glad it’s Friday. I had in mind to write an essay today to start a new series of posts that I’m super excited about, but I’m honestly too tired. I’m sure you know the feeling.

Next week, I hope, will be a little better, and hopefully I’ll get a bit more done. For now, enjoy this adorable picture of Merlin – growing and growing – being snuggly.

He likes to play just as often as he likes to cuddle, if not more. But I treasure these moments, when he wants attention and purrs and we can just take a minute to slow down.

Back next week with hopefully some better writing. In the meantime, I’m wishing all of you (and me) a fabulous weekend, and ideally, a restful one as well.

When the Job’s Done (A Poem)

And when it’s over,
I’ll sleep.
I’ll sleep
the sleep of
the fighter
the maker,
and I’ll take my rest
with a side of
thank you very much.
For such a hard week,
it’s gone fast,
almost done.
Ranking it from ten to one,
I’d say –
But I’m still here,
and soon enough,
the work goes on.

Friday Writing

Hello, Friday! Hello, Spring!

It’s so hard, when it starts to get warm again, to focus on work, and it’s been a busy week. But I’ve managed to stay on top of everything, and I’m spending today just writing. And drinking coffee. Which definitely helps with the writing.

And you know, I think this is honestly my favorite way to spend a Friday.

A Friday Poem

Just a fun, silly something for this sunny Friday. Enjoy!

Good morning from
the Land of Almost There,
where we celebrate
a week’s close
with friends and beer.
Tonight, we’ll pretend
the work’s at an end
for two days’ time
and change, and
hang our hopes on
brighter days
when we’ll be free
to do as we please.
This is your invite.
Don’t be late!

That Friday Feeling (A Poem)

That Friday feeling:
at the end of the week,
either too tired to move
or ready to seek out the party.
Or, perhaps neither –
just looking to read a book
(or two)
(or three).
I admit,
it’s easy to be caught up
in the swing of the world
and the speed of the days,
to measure your progress
in emails and spreadsheets,
and forget to slow down
and just be.
So take it –
that Friday feeling, I mean –
and make it whatever you need.
Call it a night,
or read something good,
or do something nice,
or keep the lights on
until morning.
I promise,
while you’re resting
or dancing
or reading,
or taking a moment to breathe,
the planet will keep turning.