That Friday Feeling (A Poem)

That Friday feeling:
at the end of the week,
either too tired to move
or ready to seek out the party.
Or, perhaps neither –
just looking to read a book
(or two)
(or three).
I admit,
it’s easy to be caught up
in the swing of the world
and the speed of the days,
to measure your progress
in emails and spreadsheets,
and forget to slow down
and just be.
So take it –
that Friday feeling, I mean –
and make it whatever you need.
Call it a night,
or read something good,
or do something nice,
or keep the lights on
until morning.
I promise,
while you’re resting
or dancing
or reading,
or taking a moment to breathe,
the planet will keep turning.

7 thoughts on “That Friday Feeling (A Poem)

    • I’ll have to write a Saturday night poem at some point. I often feel similarly on Saturday, too, even though it’s not the end of my work week. That push and pull between resting and doing something fun out of the house.


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