A Time for Ghosts (A Poem)

Autumn is a time for ghosts.
When the days turn,
when the world comes to rest,
there’s space and time
for those who’ve
stayed behind.
In the changing of the leaves
and the chilling in the air,
the smoky breeze
and the golden sky,
they join us,
just there.
As close as a breath,
and far as they’ve always been,
as fall to winter and winter to spring,
they wait for us in that place

Writer’s Block (A Poem)

And slacking on the list.
Hours turn to evenings with
nothing to show.
I know, I know –
I can do better than this.
(One breath,
one step,
one task
at a time.)
Just choose the words
and make them rhyme.
Take a moment
and let it grow,
let it live
and sing.
Just make something.
Yes, you can.)

Your Time Belongs to You (A Poem)

(…that I definitely didn’t write for myself, because I needed to hear it.)

Your time belongs to
only you.
So take it easy,
slow and steady,
and stop
and breathe
if you need to.
It’s okay to
just be
or to not
be okay.
The rest of the world –
it can wait.

There Is a Time (A Poem)

There is a time for
all things –
for grief,
and change,
and for
the way forward.
There is space
in this world to
to learn,
to see,
and to grow.
This, we know,
even in our worst moments,
and on our
longest days.
We don’t get to
the minute
or the place,
but they belong to us.
We are
to live.

Liminal (A Poem)

A space apart,
the pause in a song –
We live in this moment,
between breaths,
and walk in
between movements.
Somewhere between
a time and a turning,
slow and unsteady,
we wait.

Two Inspiration Cuartetos

It’s time for another monthly poetry challenge from Rebecca over at Fake Flamenco! July’s challenge is to write a cuarteto about what inspires you to write. This one was a little tricky for me – I don’t focus on rhyming in my poetry, so it felt something like flexing a new muscle. I think I did okay, though. 😊

Raindrops pinging on the roof,
a cup of tea, and a cloudy day
make a happy writer, I would say.
And right here is the proof.

I like to write at night
when all is quiet and still,
to keep company with the moonlight
and share thoughts with just paper and quill.

I had a lot of fun with this one! If you want to participate, too, you’ve got until Sunday. I think you should! It’s always good to try new things, right?