Going Gray (A Poem)

When my child asks
why my hair is going gray,
I will say:
“Those are my stardust streaks.”
I will tell her we’re all made
of earth and star stuff,
and one day, once again,
that’s what we’ll be.
And I’ll remind her
that it’s not a tragedy
to say goodbye, even though
it’s sad for a time,
because she can always
find me in the night sky.

*I read Star Mother by Charlie N. Holmberg this morning. It clearly left me feeling inspired (see: this poem, above), and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for something to read this week.*

26 thoughts on “Going Gray (A Poem)

  1. This is lovely. I had to chuckle though because I was 35 for ten years until my grandson became old enough to call me on my real age, lol. Gray hair is something he couldn’t get me om though because he, along with his mother have had gray hair since toddlers. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. How poetic–stardust streaks! Reminds me for some reason of Starman (the movie, and then the series) and how much I loved it. The imagination is infinitely amazing and as usual, your poetry is infinitely captivating.

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