Found Friday #16: A Very 2020 First Snow

I don’t think anyone expected a winter storm to hit Virginia in December. It’s certainly not an impossibility in any given year, but we normally have to wait a little longer into the season to see any real wintry weather.

It’s been a year full of surprises, hasn’t it?

Wednesday started off snowy, and it was so lovely. My husband got a fire going – the first of the cold season.

It snowed until about 3:00 p.m. – big flakes and small flakes, heavy showers and light. It was beautiful. Really, really wonderful. I’d say we got about four inches.

I love snow. You know what I don’t love?


You see it, right? See, after about 3:00 p.m., the weather turned, and my quiet, gentle snow showers turned into evil, spiky little ice crystals. And they worked fast. Like, scary ice storm kind of fast.

The thing about ice – one of many reasons that I don’t like it – is that it’s heavy. And when you live in the country, on a property with lots of trees, heavy ice can be a real danger.

Case in point: We had to call the fire department because the limbs of our birch tree were so laden with ice that they ended up resting on the power lines, and started to spark and flame up, and kept at it all night. It was terrifying, and we’re expecting a visit from the power company to do some serious trimming.

So, I spent an anxious evening and a largely sleepless night worrying about a fire near the power lines, and listening to ice ping against the windows and the metal roof.

But I have to say, it sure did look beautiful by the morning. Almost pretty enough to forget how much I hate ice.

I mean, come on, it doesn’t get more Christmas-y than red berries in the ice and snow.

And the willow looked like something out of a fairy tale.

This wasn’t the first snow I was expecting. But this is 2020, so this was the first snow that I got. We’ll see what else this winter has in store for us. I, for one, am hoping for NO MORE ICE. But always for snow.

11 thoughts on “Found Friday #16: A Very 2020 First Snow

  1. It looks like winter wonderland! ❤ I haven't experienced snowfall ever, so totally envious! But I can just imagine how cold it must be. It's about 5degrees where I am and I'm so cold all the time! *shivers* *hugs heater*

    I hope your tree issue is resolved soon! 🙂 Reminds me of that episode in Gilmore Girls where Lorelai breaks up with snow after loving it all her life. I'm sure you'll find that episode very relatable right now! (Season 5 Episode 11)

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    • It was so pretty! I hate that it got icy. It got down to about -4C last night, which isn’t terrible, but definitely isn’t warm. It’s usually pretty mild around here in December. It’s been a strange month to end a very different year!

      We’ll see how things go with the tree. It’s one of my favorites – birch trees symbolize new beginnings and growth – and I’d hate to lose it, or have it trimmed back so much that it’s a shadow of what it used to be. I get sort of sad just thinking about it.

      I love Gilmore Girls! I definitely need to revisit that episode. 🙂 Thanks for recommending it! I’d totally forgotten that one.

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    • Thank you! My father-in-law grew up in Mississippi, so I’m sure he could tell some stories. Perhaps I should ask him over the holiday. I think he’d love your blog, so I’ll have to point him in your direction. 🙂

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      • Thank you, Katie! You had me at the profile: I just want to drink wine and write stories! I look forward to reading more. I am a transplant to Mississippi for the past 17 years after a lifetime in Texas. Let’s just say it’s been interesting the education I have received here. 🙂

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      • I’m sure it has been! I look forward to reading more of your posts, as well! I think you and I might share a passion for old buildings and preservation. 🙂


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