Expecting Ice

Well, here we are again, expecting winter weather – not just snow, also ice. Hopefully not as much as last time, but we’ll see.

We are supposed to get a couple of inches of snow, so I’m excited for that, at least.

I’ll be recording a podcast episode this afternoon, so I hope I get to watch it snow while I chat with my friend and we create something good. That would be nice. But again, we’ll see. (And if you want to listen to the podcast, here’s a link to it on Spotify: Better Friendships on Spotify.)

Anyway, here are a couple of things I wrote thinking about the incoming storm.

While lying in bed last night, unable to sleep, anxious about the weather:

We’re expecting ice again today.

Please just make it go away.

Not a winter wonderland,

not fun, like playing in the sand.

Just slick and heavy and dangerous.

I really hope it misses us.

And something a little more thoughtful, after my first cup of coffee:

A beautiful danger

makes slow and steady progress –

tree limbs press down and strain

against the weight of it,

as if the whole world could break.

This glistening villain,

freezing fingers and frigid breath,

holds a glinting blade behind its back

and betrays all who love the cold.

I love winter, but these ice storms are killing me. I’m still holding out hope that before the end of the season, we’ll see some snow. Fingers crossed!

6 thoughts on “Expecting Ice

    • I’m really worried we’re going to lose our birch tree the next time we get a heavy ice storm. I’m really hoping this one ends up being a bust. I’d like to see some snow, but it looks like what’s heading our way is just one big, wintry, wet, icy mess.


    • So far, we’ve just got clouds and cold, and frankly, I’m good with that. But, I’ve always got my fingers crossed for snow. 🙂

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast! We’re recording the third episode today, talking about the ways that our friends influence us. I think it’ll be really interesting!

      My husband actually took all of the pictures I posted today, so I’ll let him know you liked them. 🙂 I’m always telling him what a good photographer he is. I don’t think he believes me. But I feel really lucky whenever I can convince him to go outside and take some pictures for me. I’ve posted plenty of my own, but his are really something special.

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      • Definitely going to listen to listen to all your episodes. The first one was so relatable especially the friendship “break-ups”! I’ve had a few with friends over the years. Thankfully I reconnected with the ones that mattered. 😊
        I almost thought you’d say you got the photos on Google (🙈)- they’re really beautiful and professional looking!

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      • Thank you so much! It was something that surprised me, when Julie and I started on the podcast project – for women, friend break-ups can actually be more emotional, more traumatic, and have a bigger impact than romantic ones. We’ve worked really hard to make episodes that are relatable, but that also share good information. I hope people find them interesting and helpful!

        I’ll let him know you like the photos. 🙂 He’s really good at capturing detail and motion, and I’m better at capturing the big picture. One of my low key goals this year, as part of growing my blog, is to get better at photography myself, and also to learn to use some of the more sophisticated lenses and cameras my husband has collected. I’m sort of intimidated, but also excited. I think it’ll be a fun learning experience!

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