(Not) Found Friday #33: Cicada Season

Brood X. That’s what they’re called. Billions of cicadas, emerging from a 17-year underground nap, all over the Northeast U.S., including Northern Virginia.

These critters are seriously fascinating. I know they’re a little odd to look at, but they’re just the sort of oddity of nature that I find super compelling. (I’ve never been particularly squeamish about bugs. Well, except ladybugs. But that’s a post for another day.)

I hear these little winged weirdos are pretty good for the environment, and, though I’m not brave enough to try them, one restaurant nearby is even serving them in tacos.

It’s too bad I haven’t seen a single one at my house. Those pictures? My sister-in-law, who lives a few towns over, took them. This one, too.

Apparently, I live in a tiny pocket of Loudoun County that sees a different brood’s migration. I’m disappointed. I feel like this should be the soundtrack of my early summer…

…but alas, all’s quiet around here.

14 thoughts on “(Not) Found Friday #33: Cicada Season

  1. I recall the year they emerged here, right after we arrived. I could not figure out what the sound was–it was so loud it was like everyone in the county was whirling around a long empty tube at the same time. It was my son who finally said “cidadas.” I would find their little shells everywhere on the trees and ground.

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    • They certainly are loud. I’ve heard them when we’ve been out and about. Lots of people up here are commenting that they’re irritating and gross, but I just find them so fascinating, and I feel like seeing them emerge this way is really special. Nature is pretty amazing. 🙂

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    • They look kind of alien, right? It’s so weird! They tend to just randomly land on people, but I don’t think they bite, and they’re pretty easy to brush off. They don’t really hover around people or food. They just kind of do their own thing.


    • They were so cool to watch! They’ve disappeared at this point. They’re cycle this year is done, so I’ll just have to wait another 17 to see them out in force again. Good thing I’m patient!


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