Found Friday #37: New (Old) Things!

I try not to stop into antique shops very often. Very much like bookstores, I can’t seem to leave them without an arm full of stuff and with a much lighter wallet. But, I made an exception over the weekend. And I’m proud of myself! I only came home with two things.

This darling little glass jar with a monogrammed lid:

(I wonder who it belonged to, what they used it for, and how it came to be in a shop for sale…)

And this:

Yes, I know it’s an ashtray, and no I don’t smoke, but I love the floral pattern and the colors. And it goes nicely with another cut glass ashtray I got as a gift many years ago. (And I’ve just realized that it seems I’ve accidentally started an ashtray collection…)

I love collecting old things. I love the stories they tell, and their little chips and imperfections. They remind me of people, I think. Imperfect, but valuable and beautiful nonetheless.

16 thoughts on “Found Friday #37: New (Old) Things!

  1. That little glass jar looks so beautiful. And I’d love to have a collection of such pretty ashtrays. I like the idea, of collecting old things, the stories they tell.

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  2. These are both the kind of things that would attract my eye, too! It is so fun to find items like this. Since I have been researching the history of all the family items I am about to pass on, I was looking at powder boxes and jars a lot recently, trying to find the style of powder box like the one my great-grandmother used. I would suspicion your jar is either one that held powder or other vanity items. It is indeed elegant.

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    • Exactly! This is why I limit my time in antique shops – it’s hard to resist when you find something that speaks to you. But I’m glad I bought these. A little gift for yourself every now and then is good for the soul, I think. 🙂


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