Making a Memory (A Poem)

“It was a beautiful wedding, my friend,”
I say, as I work to remove bobby pins.
Her hair falls around my hands
in tendrils, finally flowing and free,
and I add, “I’m glad to be here.”
A weekend a year in the making,
give or take, and three different locations,
and that’s all I can think to say.
I’m good with words at the wrong moments,
it seems. But I know this one
I’ll remember, regardless,
as the end of the happy (happiest) day
when my friend married her best friend
by the water in Maryland.

8 thoughts on “Making a Memory (A Poem)

    • One of my very dearest friends got married this weekend, and it was absolutely lovely. 🙂 They’d had to change the date and location several times due to COVID, but ended up at a perfect spot. It was just such a nice weekend, and so joyful, and I felt kind of lost for words the whole time, including at the very end of the night, when I helped her take her hair down. But I think she knows how special she is, and how special the day was, and how very happy I am for her and her wonderful husband. And now you know the rest of the story. 😉

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