Update! My new spider friend moved on.

Well, I suppose I spoke too soon about checking in on her, because my new writing spider buddy has already moved on. I read that they tend to stick close to the same area throughout their lifetimes, so I hope she’s somewhere nearby, safe and sound and spinning a beautiful web.

Perhaps one day we’ll find each other again.

14 thoughts on “Update! My new spider friend moved on.

    • I hope so! Based on what I learned about writing spiders, I doubt she went far. There are lots of little nooks and hidden places around our garden, so I bet she just chose a quieter spot with a few more bugs to eat. Spiders are such fascinating little creatures.

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    • I’m scared of plenty of things. I think everyone has something (or a few somethings) that just makes their skin crawl. I’m actually not fond of ladybugs! Which I know is so weird. And snakes. Even though they’re really cool animals and more afraid of humans, in most cases.


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