Four Summer Haiku

Good morning sunshine
Mist and calm in the meadows
A new day begins

Cicadas singing
A soft breeze through the green leaves
The sounds of summer

S’mores by the fire
The soft glow lights our faces
We’re summer people

Moonlight and warm air
The stars shine white in the dark
A nightly blanket

25 thoughts on “Four Summer Haiku

  1. These are beautiful. I like how the first two are brighter & refreshing, while the second two capture a little more of the warmth of summer & those later evenings out to enjoy the weather. We’re still hoping for a little summer here in the UK but it’s been rather rubbish. I love summer! xx

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    • Thank you! It’s been a milder summer here than I expected, which is honestly a relief, as last year it was almost intolerable. We’ve had a few very hot days this month, though. I confess I’m ready for fall, but there’s a certain magic to summer that I know I’ll miss when it’s gone.


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