14 thoughts on “October Fire (A Poem)

  1. Well this brings back a memory…of the October 18, 2015 fire here on Taylor Hill. My neighbor asked the fire department “who is going to watch my house tonight and see the roof does not catch fire?” I said, “Not to worry, that will be me” and I kept my promise so the neighbors could sleep. 🙂

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    • Good neighbor! Looking to move? There are some properties going on the market soon in my village! 😉 On a serious note, that was a really kind thing to do. Fire is scary – beautiful, and certainly useful, but unpredictable and scary.

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      • Thank you; I felt the obligation, even though we did not cause the fire. But yes, being in the county it was a sobering thought that any further out away from the city hydrants for the fire truck refills, and if not for observant neighbors who called it in, it could have ended differently. Besides, I was still walking the hill putting out hot spots, so might as well be watching for stray sparks!
        A year ago, might have taken you up on that move, but, uhm, got a tad too much invested in a kitchen and cottage here now.

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      • That sounds so scary! Where I live, there are no fire hydrants, so the standard response to fires out here includes a tanker truck. They actually draw water from the river behind my house. Nothing makes you appreciate a good rain more.
        Can’t wait to see the cottage done! The kitchen looks so good!

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