Bonus post! Happy birthday, Graham!

It’s Graham’s birthday today! And you know I couldn’t let it pass by without writing a little something.

We don’t have much planned in the way of celebrating – it is a work day – but I’m planning to make his favorite mac and cheese for dinner tonight, and I’m hoping the day isn’t too chaotic in between. And also we have pie. Pie makes everything feel just a little more special, I think.

*WARNING – Mushy, sentimental, and generally lovey-dovey stuff ahead. Sorry not sorry.*

I’m so lucky to have Graham in my life, and so grateful we chose each other, and continue to choose each other every day. And in the spirit of this month of giving thanks, I’m so thankful that I get to spend my days with him, and certainly very thankful indeed that he was, you know, born.  

He is my favorite human, and I hope (every year) that his birthday is just as special and memorable and fun and just plain wonderful as he is.

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