One Last Snow Day

Here in Virginia, March always gives us one last snow day. It’s not a hard and fast rule, sure, but it’s true enough, and this year was no exception.

It snowed about five inches on Saturday, and we enjoyed it for as long as we could.

(I know…she doesn’t look like she likes it, but trust me, Annie is a Snow Dog.)

It’s all melted now, and this week is supposed to be pretty warm. I’m ready for spring, but I’m always a little melancholy when winter comes to an end. So, until next year. And for now, bring on the daffodils!

14 thoughts on “One Last Snow Day

    • I remember visiting Toronto when I was younger and feeling a little chilly in April. When does spring usually start for you? Virginia is weird. We’ve just come through first spring (or, fool’s spring…) and into what I’m pretty sure will be real spring.


      • This had been a tough winter, even for hardy Canucks. I predict spring starting in August this year and lasting about a month. Then straight into fall…no summer at all. (ha ha…It should be nice by the end of April) 😊

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    • Oh my gosh, that’s so hot! It’s mild here lately – pretty sure we’re done with winter – but it’ll be May or June before we get summery. If travel weren’t still a little complicated, I’d say come visit and enjoy some springtime!


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