A Shadorma for Graham

I’ve really been enjoying the monthly poetry challenges over at Fake Flamenco! March’s challenge is to write a shadorma around the theme of light and darkness. I wrote two, because it was fun. 😊

Here’s one for Graham, who I often call “my guiding star.”   

You’re my light
A star in the dark
Shining down
On my path
A guide in the deepest night
To bring me home safe

And here’s another one, revisiting a poem I wrote back in 2020, called “Free Will.”  It was already sort of composed around a theme of light and shadow, and it was interesting to take a look at it two years later and retool it for a specific poetry form.

We are light
And also darkness
Both reside
In us all
And we choose how they balance
Each moment we live

I’m looking forward to April’s challenge!

11 thoughts on “A Shadorma for Graham

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