Fool’s Warning (A Poem)

Be careful today
and heed these words
and save yourself some pain:
To play the fool
is quite the game,
or sometimes,
not a game at all –
the Lord of Misrule
is cunning and cruel
and rejoices in a fall.

*It’s coming a bit late in the afternoon, I know, but if you indulge in a little April Fool’s trickery today, please remember this: It’s only a joke if everyone’s laughing.*

4 thoughts on “Fool’s Warning (A Poem)

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    • I’ve never been a huge fan of April Fool’s Day, or of pranks in general. I feel like they tend to be more mean than funny, though that’s not always the case, I know.


      • Fun before the empathy that comes with… what’s it called? Being an adult.

        Worse are those “fail videos” that used to be a thing.

        The clever and benign ones are okay, sometimes; but they’re increasingly rare.

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