Happy Monday, Gatsby-cat!

Happy Monday, y’all! Here’s a picture of Gatsby, taken with Graham’s new camera earlier today.

I just had to share, and I hope his handsome face makes you smile.

Gatsby’s sixteen, and in addition to the eye issue he’s been dealing with, we know he has a heart murmur and kidney disease, which is not advanced, thankfully. He’s also had some digestion issues in the past couple of years, which seem to have settled for now.

I adopted him when he was a kitten and I was nineteen.

We’ve basically grown into adulthood together.

It’s funny, watching a beloved pet get older. I still look at him and see the scruffy little kitten he was, even though he’s going gray and he’s slowed down quite a bit. He used to play fetch. He used to play at all, for that matter. His days now are filled with naps in the sunshine and cuddles and snacks. It’s quite a life.

It’s been a quite a life.

I don’t know how much longer this sweet old man has, but I will treasure every second I get to spend with him.

13 thoughts on “Happy Monday, Gatsby-cat!

  1. Gatsby is a handsome gentleman cat and his portrait is endearing. Even when we know the end is approaching, there are joys to be found. Gatsby did make me smile, so thank you for sharing him with us.

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  2. Very true, you have grown up to adulthood together.
    He was with you in your important years. Like getting education, getting married and stuff.
    Love this special blog.
    I will say, this blog was on my request haha, Because I wanted to know about Gatsby more. 🙂
    Also, I am allowed to say, you look pretty!!
    Keep smiling like that 19-year-old Katie is smiling 🙂

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