On Halloween (A Poem)

On Halloween,
the unseen, seen,
and we all wear our masks.
Costumes, a show,
but who really knows
what’s real
and what’s pretend?
Our days,
they go,
slow and then fast,
and time just
ticks and ticks.
We bend,
some break,
some fix mistakes,
and all must meet
the end.
But for one night,
one night each year,
it’s easy to forget –
in that space,
masked face to face
we’re all
children again.

12 thoughts on “On Halloween (A Poem)

  1. Fun poem! I don’t have a real connection with Halloween, other than the couple of times J went when he was a kid. I made his costumes twice as he wanted to be a robot Transformer (Optimus Prime) and a cardboard box painted worked! Then the next year, I made a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle! When we lived in town the year my sister started school, they had a Halloween Carnival at the school gym and that was a lot of fun–my dad helped at the ‘fishing booth’ behind the curtain, snagging gifts onto the line. Other than that, we always lived out in the country and no one went door to door, but one year we dressed up and went to the elderly couple’s up the road just to show our costumes.

    It was fun to read this poem and see it from a different perspective–thanks for your creative writing. 🎃

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    • Thank you for reading! I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a long time, and now we live on a fairly main street, so we don’t get trick-or-treaters. It’s a little sad, because I definitely grew up celebrating a lot more than we do now. But still, every year, it’s hard not to catch the spirit. 🙂 Maybe one of these days we’ll actually get some costumes together and find a place to have fun for the night.

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