Winter Whining (A Silly Poem)

I’m not that fond of summer.
I’m quite okay with spring.
Fall is a time for magic,
and winter is my scene.
But as I sit here waiting,
as far as winters go,
I think this one’s been boring
because we’ve had NO SNOW!

Okay, but seriously, it’s looking like we’ll see no snow at all this winter. I can’t lie – I’m really disappointed. We’ve had some very cold weather, and then some relatively warm weather, winter-wise, and we’ve had some rain, and some fog, oddly enough, but absolutely zero snow. I know this happens some years. It’s fine. Maybe it means next year’s winter will be extra beautiful.

In the meantime, at least there’s tea. And books. And fuzzy blankets. And various other cozy winter things.


We write on.

27 thoughts on “Winter Whining (A Silly Poem)

    • Thank you! It is a nice view, and actually really pretty in the summer. I just don’t like hot weather. 🙂 We’ve got some winter left, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. A strange winter. When it got really cold right before Christmas, I thought for sure we were looking at a snowy season. However, we haven’t gotten much snow in southeastern Pennsylvania either. Now I’m not as fond of winter as you, but I at least like one big storm a year to remind me of winter’s past! There’s still time, but the calendar is ticking off dates pretty quickly. Running out of time. Ha, ha.

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  2. Haha aww, I like the poem; it was fun to read! I love the picture you included, it looks pretty and peaceful there. ☺️ I’m in the same boat as you, hoping for snow. It seems like areas around us have gotten it and it’s skipping us. I hope we both experience the super cold and delicate snow flakes!! ❄️

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    • I hope so, too! The southwestern part of Virginia has gotten snow, and areas north of us have, as well. But we’re sadly snowless so far. Fingers crossed we get at least one snowy day before spring!


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